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Gas Transport & Storage Equipment

ISO Cryogenic Tank Container


According to the size of the container, SINOGES offers 10FT tank container, 20FT tank container, and 40 FT tank container. 10FT Tank Container 10Ft Cryogenic Tank Container Model Type: T75 Model: SINOGES-7/0.9 Operating Pressure (Inner Tank): 0.9MPa Design Temperature (Inner Tank): -196℃ Content: LIN  LOX  LAr Max. Gross Weight: 16000Kg [...]

Tube Trailers


SINOGES offers two types of tube trailers made by SINOGES and partners. The general type is pure steel type, which is relatively cost effective and a common choise on the market for storage and transport of different types of industry gases. The other & more expensive type is made by using thinner steel [...]